Helen McKenzie

Women’s Circle Facilitator

Who am I? A quest of investigation and contemplation my entire living memory.

The hunger I feel to come alive is immense. Birthing my daughter has awakened an ancient reverence to the preciousness of life. This has called me to question what will be my legacy. What will be remembered 50 years post my departure from this earth walk.
I am a deep sea diver of life, always studying& exploring what is vital to me. Love deepening my capacity to Love myself, and others. I am dedicated in creating a work that reflects my life work. I am motivated by kindness and the ripple effect of kindness.

I am a daughter, wife, mother sister friend who loves fearlessly and will not back away from life’s storms. I am a Professional Tarot reader, facilitate life transforming workshops, student of astrology, and now walk with Dawn & Melissa in co-creation of Sacred Women’s Circles, Women at the Well.

I hear the call to share this work in the form of women’s circle holding the intention to cultivate a deep respect for all women’s contribution. All who turn up will be valued and will be a part of something sacred.

It is the time to gather in sacred circle with the intention of creating connection…….. Connection with ourselves and to the circle of life. This is a new era of being. Womankind is awakening to their power, to feel alive to be nurtured. We are ready to be valued for the goddess we all are. This is an open invitation for young women to super crones as this is a place where intergenerational connection is celebrated.

Each time we gather and connect with ourselves in company we amplify the change we want to see in the world. Imagine a world of respect, freedom and creative expression.

Perth Hills, Western Australia | The Sound Temple Mob: 0474 555 444 | ABN: 71 568 849 946