Counsellor,Sound Healing Facilitator

I have spent the most part of my life on a rollercoaster journey of varied life changing experiences some in joy and some in trauma, perhaps creating the framework for me to learn and grow as a person.

As Thich Nhat Hahn would say without the mud we would have no beautiful lotus flower! The common thread for me through all of it has been my passion for singing, sound and music.

I am a trained opera singer, recording artist and songwriter now specialising singing blues, folk and toning alongside my Sound Healing work. I practice as a Sound Therapist, Life Coach and Counsellor at my studio here in the beautiful Perth Hills. I am pleased to be hosting various Sound Healing sessions at The Sound Temple Perth.

I love the power of sound, music and vibration and I endeavour to share it every day and connect with as many people as possible through these gifts. I believe light and sound will be the new and accepted standard medical treatment in the future. I teach three community choirs and run a music and sound education programme at Chidlow Primary School where I find great joy in providing opportunities for the children to learn about the healing powers of sound.

During my practice as a certified Sound Healer, Reiki Practitioner and Counsellor I am constantly learning how I can better serve each person and I am constantly presented with more opportunities and openings as to what I need to work on next. I have a natural talent for being able to assist my clients to identify the deeper root cause of their presenting issues which we then discuss and work with the sound and vibration to heal and repair.

I work with my clients to address all levels of understanding, identifying the consciousness that is contributing to a disease or distress, finding clarity surrounding the life experiences, patterns and belief systems that have contributed, the associated emotions and then the energetic components which I use the sound and reiki to coordinate healing with the clients transformation and repair. I use an array of instruments from singing bowls, bells, chimes, drums, solfeggio tuning forks, singing/toning and Gongs.

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Perth Hills, Western Australia | The Sound Temple Mob: 0474 555 444 | ABN: 71 568 849 946