The Importance of the Role of Fathers in Parenting

Why all fathers should attend at least one parenting workshop in those early years…

The importance of fathers attending a parenting workshop can not be under estimated. Research suggests that men who attend some sort of parenting group either in the lead up to becoming a father or during the early years receive massive amounts of benefits.  These can range from having a much clearer understanding of their role as a father to discovering better the ways to connect deeply with their children.

Thinking about roles

Becoming a parent is a major transition period for men. Depending on the expectations of the man becoming a parent and his perception of himself in the father role, the transition into parenthood can range from anticipation to indifference or feelings of intense inadequacy, resentment and denial

Often it is women who are placed in the position of having to take on the greater responsibility of caring for the child. Role distinctions, role models, systemic culture and a variety of media forms reinforce the notion that women naturally take on the role of primary care giver and that they have some inherent ability to cope with the parenting process while on the other hand men are portrayed as clumsy, out of their depth, and unable to connect with the needs of the child perpetuating the notion that men can “never quite cut it” in a primary parenting role. The effects of this overarching culture include, firstly, an underlying message that men are incompetent in parenting resulting in men withdrawing or at least having a limited perception of their affect in their parenting role. Secondly, mothers are placed under enormous pressure to perform due to the assumption that “it should come naturally” to them.

Thankfully, these stereotypes are quickly starting to fade away as a new breed of young fathers are beginning to show up. Many children are now reaping the massive rewards of having a father with a very “hands on” approach to the arrival of their new-born child. This in turn is taking the pressure off mothers and giving them the space and freedom to be better mums and partners. This more balanced style of parenting is allowing the raising of children to be a more loving and wonderful experience for all involved.

“The quality of the time that fathers spend with children can be measured by the types of communication, activities and behaviours that occur during interaction between fathers and children. The quality of this interaction can be largely dependent on how fathers see their role. It is therefore important to encourage open discussion about parenting roles so as to broaden and develop further our own perspective on what it means to be an involved father”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             The Fatherhood Support Project – 2014

The validation of fathers as uniquely significant in child development and the encouragement for fathers to take a primary nurturing role in their child’s life effectively re-frames the father’s role from one of peripheral importance to one that is centrally important. A child who has the availability of both parents who see themselves as important and unique to the child will benefit from the secure attachment within those relationships.

On Wednesday 21st February 2018, from 7.00 pm-9.30 pm at The Sound Temple, we are offering a workshop called Conscious Couples Passionately Parenting which will allow fathers and mothers – or soon-to-be fathers and mothers – to peel back the myths and reveal the magic of parenthood.  Hosted by Darrell Brown, legendary Fatherhood Author and Speaker and Kirstin Bouse, inspirational Psychologist, Best-Selling Author and Speaker on Motherhood for an intimate discussion on the changing roles of parenting and the an exploration of the biggest challenges facing parents today.

With immense gratitude to our wonderful facilitator Darrell Brown for sharing his wisdom and insight on Fatherhood