The Sound Temple EXPERIENCE

Your experience begins when you arrive at one of these beautiful Hills establishments. In Perth you are only 30 minutes from the city, yet the tranquility of the bushland setting with the tall Lemon Scented Gums, Pines and Jarrah trees immediately takes you to a place of peace.

It is quite likely you will also see some of the local wildlife, as there are many kangaroo’s, possums and rabbits that come in from the adjoining John Forrest National Park. The bird life is also so abundant, from the tame magpies that often come to the door of the reception centre looking for a tidbit, to the many species of parrots and cockatoo’s flying from tree to tree. In the early evening, the wonderful laughing Kookaburra’s herald in the dusk, while the wood pigeons call to each other from high in the forest. Regular visitors during our Moon evenings are the possums who appear at the door or window being their usual inquisitive selves, to check out who is there before heading off for their nightly sojourn.

We often hear remarks about our serene the bushland setting is, and in the evenings there is no ambient city light, so visitors can truly view the moon and stars in all their perfect glory as they cross the heavens. For much of the year the quietly bubbling Jane Brook makes its way past the cone with it’s gurgling sounds and is often a source of special quiet time after the session in the cone for some.

Arriving at the cone, many are surprised to see the special ‘Sacred Circle’ of stones where the Moon evening Native American Shamanic Cleansing ceremonies are held. It is alongside the cone and possesses it’s own amazing energy, where it is surrounded by the high trees and the brook.

Cone 011These energy sites are but an introduction to the next amazing part of your Sound Temple experience. It begins when you enter a large cone shaped structure designed to offer incredible levels of comfort, resonance and atmosphere.

You make yourself at home on the comfortable mattresses and cushions, looking up into the endless depths of the ‘night sky’ inside the cone, while the aroma of sandalwood infuses the air, instilling a sense of well-being and relaxation in you.

After a beautiful introduction into some special deep breathing techniques and followed by a guided meditation from your skilled and caring Gong master, quietly at first, almost imperceptibly, you hear the resonating tones of a series of special gongs, being softly struck within the dome that encases you. The cadence and measure of the gonging, works with the sandalwood scent and placid atmosphere of the cone to reduce Beta-wave activity and induce Alpha & Theta-waves within your brain.

IMG_3986aYou feel very quiet and relaxed. Even if you have never meditated before, you cannot help but enter a supremely restful yet energising meditative state. Many visitors have experienced an amazing range of wonderful emotions and often feel quite ‘connected’ to their beliefs.

At the close of the session you are brought back from your very relaxed state to the sounds of the deeply resonating Heart Drum. This alignment helps you to come to the realisation that you have just given yourself a very special time to take the stress out of your life and replace it with new energy!

When you emerge, you have transformed negative emotions into positive energies, and you will feel powerfully refreshed. Your senses of sight, sound, smell, touch and taste will all be heightened, and you will probably notice the world around you in startling detail. You can also usually be sure of having one of the best night’s sleep that evening!!!

The_Quiet_Cone_Parkerville3“The harmonic resonance of the gongs reduces stress and can induce deep spontaneous healing, bringing you into harmony with the movement of the Earth. The Gongs can tune the physical body & soul to its greatest possible resonance if you are accepting of this gift. Participants lie down on yoga mats receiving the sound energy of the gongs and other authentic instruments producing ancient sounds as they are being played – moving through the nervous system, opening, clearing & recharging the whole mind, body and spirit.

This resonance triggers a meditative contemplation state where you have the opportunity to relinquish control of that busy ego mind and move into a very relaxed Theta state. Negativity and chaos are suspended, irregularity and resistance are cleared, & the whole being is reset to a state of synchrony and alignment!”.
Various Feb 2011 028Just one Sound Temple experience will do all this and more for you, and you will be keen to repeat and share the experience. Click Here to listen to the beautiful haunting sounds you will experience in the Sound Temple.

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Ask about the didgeridoo and drum playing at the Quiet Cone, they truly invoke primal sounds of the past.

COMFORT: What to wear – Inside the cone you will be laying or sitting down for almost an hour. So please wear appropriate loose clothing, if it is cool and if you normally feel the cold (some don’t), suggest you wear socks, sleeved top and maybe a jumper/jacket.
It is also required please that you remove any footwear on entry, so easy to remove wear is best suited.
Blankets, pillows and bolsters are supplied as we wish you to feel totally comfortable.