Dawn & John

John and Dawn - The Sound Temple

The wind gently whispered a glimmer of the future into the minds and hearts of Dawn and John nearly a decade ago when they first purchased a tiny stone cottage with a crumbling studio, crying out for love and reinvention.

The time had come to answer the call of the heart and embrace a new way of living. After decades of work in the high pressure Corporate arena, Dawn and John took a brave leap into the unknown with a commitment to embrace the winds of change with open arms.

And so began a deep and soulful dialogue with this incredible piece of land. Ancient wisdom seeped through to them with every step they took, bold and barefoot, among the tall gums and karri trees.

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Babies were born and raised, and then the birth of a whole new enterprise, as the Quiet Cone was purchased and relocated from Parkerville, to become the incredibly vibrant Sound Temple that we know today.

The design of the Temple is drawn from the native American tipi, which comes from the belief that the world, and life itself, is circular: a never ending cycle of energy. Known from ancient Egyptian times as a shape of great strength and power, the pyramid shape has been modified and intensified. Lined with natural wood and emitting an incredible harmonious resonance, the accoustics in The Sound Temple have their own beautiful characteristic.

Dr Noel Nannup, a well-respected Noongar Elder, storyteller, cultural guide, instructor and mentor, gifted The Sound Temple with a Noongar name for the property; Yunga Karak Boodja, meaning “Thankyou or in appreciation of your interaction with the Red Tail Black Cockatoo Country”.

In honour of the traditions and custodians of the land, The Sound Temple logo and branding reflects and celebrates the six Noongar seasons, Birak, Bunuru, Djeran, Makuru, Djilba and Kambarang.

Expansive energy keeps pulsating from this place with the opening of a brand new space in February 2018, The Mandala Room. From little things, big things continue to grow on this land, once named by a Maori Elder as: “ A place where the People of the Rainbow gather’.

The Sound Temple sits in sacred space, cared for by the loving hands of dedicated and inspirational custodians, committed to creating a gathering place for like-minded people to come together, connect, heal and grow, now and long into the future.