A Roller Coaster Ride this Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse and Mars Retrograde

Full Moon in Aquarius

The Full Moon in our skies this Saturday, July 27, sits in Aquarius and is a total lunar eclipse, the longest this century, lasting 1 hour and 23 minutes.  It’s also a blood moon, the red colouring caused by the light refraction of the Earth’s atmosphere.

With any total lunar eclipse, the covering of the Moon represents a resetting of emotions and clearing away the emotional baggage of the previous six months. But this new moon will be something akin to a roller-coaster ride. Hold on tight as the journey may get super turbulent! 

So, what can you expect?

  • You may feel impulsive and overly emotional or reactive.
  • Feelings of crisis may bubble up in all the tender parts of your life, particularly in the areas of self-esteem, relationships, home, family and private life.
  • Emotional distress may be triggered by sub-conscious fears of disaster or crisis.
  • Be prepared for this to be a uniquely challenging lunar eclipse that may bring up some uncomfortable self -realisations.

Add the current Mars Retrograde into the mix and things get even more intense!

When Mars is in retrograde, assertive or aggressive energy may be turned inward, internalised, intensified and personalised. This tends to lead to feelings of increased tension, depression, resentment and sometimes even paranoia.

  • Be aware of overwhelming feelings of frustration which may feel difficult to express.
  • Think twice before acting.
  • Repeated themes may surface in your life, providing insight into which impulses and desires need working on.
  • Impulse control and rapid mood swings may be a challenge during this time.
  • Feelings of restlessness, anxiety, jumpiness and impatience may come to the surface and there may be increased feelings of irritability towards others.
  • You may feel the urge to break free from restriction and authority.
  • Emotional outbursts may be more common from friends or family and often our natural instinct may be to retaliate and bite back. Try and avoid this.

Remember to breathe, remain calm and redirect any strong energy into productive pursuits or creative endeavours.  Avoid making any sudden changes or decisions in relationships or family life at this time. If you have previously struggled with destructive Mars behaviours such as anger, rage, violence or sexual abuse, then this may be an important time to seek extra help and support.

So how can we benefit from this unique lunar energy?

The key to dealing with high emotions during this time is increased self -awareness. Recognise when any uncomfortable feelings begin to surface and rather than repressing them, use this time as an opportunity to further understand your own drives, impulses, instincts, anger and desires. What repressed needs, expressions of sexuality or cravings are coming to the surface?  By developing an increased awareness of this dynamic energy, you can redirect it into creative breakthroughs at work or in your personal life.

Expression through creativity is a safe way to harness this erratic and unconventional energy. If feelings of irritability, rashness, impatience, or unkindness surface, make sure you have a plan in place to redirect this intense energy in healthy ways. Focus on activities that provide a sense of purpose such as cleaning the house, taking a fast-paced walk, giving a loved one a massage, or wild acts of creativity.

On a positive note, this is also a time of increased feelings of protectiveness, especially towards family and partners. Viewed upon as a potential time of powerful transition, this lunar eclipse is an invitation to discover alternative ways of doing things, harnessing creative energies and developing brave new insights into self. It’s an opportunity to redirect frustrations into creative possibilities and embrace brand new ways of being.