Action. Power. Drive. Time to Move Forward this Aries Full Moon

Seek for the jewel of courage that lies deep within

Get ready to step into the furnace of deep and powerful transformation. While this Full Moon certainly appears to us in a challenging moon phase, as always, tests and struggles often reveal our greatest lessons and our path back out of the fire. While emotional wounds may feel increasingly tender during this time, the Full Moon in Aries offers an opportunity for great healing.
Old memories may surface and with them an opportunity for increased consciousness and clarity. Ask yourself, what sore points, triggers and soul wounds may be playing out in current relationships? What patterns may we still be carrying from our pasts, our childhood or adolescence that no longer serve us? As feelings of sadness, loneliness, guilt and shame arise, we invite you to hold these deeply in self-compassion and self-love. It’s only in this way that we can, in turn, hold love and compassion for the world.
Go gently dear one and remember that this life is a journey of deeper understanding and insight, becoming clearer through the stumbling of our experiences. Love and relationships are often the realm of the messy, unguarded, vulnerable, confused and fumbled. All of this is ok. The stumble is part of the way.
Go gently and courageously this month. Seek for the jewel of courage that lies deep within. Trust in the sacredness of transition and change in times of uncertainty. Keep communications kind and calm while the storm rages. If you can stay flexible and float courageously on changeable waters during this time, you will not sink but find your way out the other side. You have all the skills you need to navigate this journey home.
Here at The Sound Temple, we honour and celebrate the Full Moon with our hugely popular sound healing sessions.  We hope to welcome you soon.