Cohesion, Conscience and Community. Come and Dance under the Libran Moon with Us!

This month we see our second Full Moon in Libra for 2019.

Different month. Same sign.

This makes for interesting times!

It’s really quite a rare occurrence, so it’s a good time to pay extra attention to what repeating messages are coming to us.

Aspects of flexibility, balance and compromise are some of the soul requirements that are being called forth this Libran full moon, particularly in areas of love, relationships, friendships and community. Libra is the social sign that rules partnerships. Opposite to Aries, the Libran energy encourages us to work with aspects social harmony, co-operation and cohesion.

During the intense energy of a full moon, it is often aspects of home life, family and intimate relationships that come into increased focus, combining with the lunar qualities of emotion, instinctual awareness and intuition.

This makes it a very potent time to look at where we can soften, compromise, encourage, co-operate and hold a gesture of love for others. At times the acute pain of loneliness, misunderstanding, confusion, rejection, lack of confidence, or foolish pride may colour our lives and perspectives. How we choose to engage with these aspects, and how long we choose to feed them, dictates how much of a hold they have over our lives and the quality of our experiences.

Now’s the time to ask, how am I showing up? What conversations keep looping in my head? Are they helpful? Are they aligned with the life I want to choose? 

It’s hard to be the first one to try and reconnect with another person if things have been uncomfortable, misaligned or prickly. How we approach this discomfort, reveals who we are showing up as in the world.  How others react, is reflective of their challenges and choices.

What kind of behaviour would you love to see more of in the world? Compassion, kindness, patience, love, bravery, harmony…..?

Now is the time to work with the beautiful social cohesion of this Libran Full Moon and engage with these aspects. Every small act of courage to genuinely communicate and connect from the heart is the kind of light we need in the world right now. 

We invite you to step forward with open arms, extending your circle of friendship to the world and dance, dance, dance under the radiance of the moon this Easter. Who knows what gifts might step forth!

With open arms we invite you to join us at our Full Moon Sound Healing on Saturday 20th April to celebrate this Blue Moon, this Libran Moon, this Easter Moon – with Charles and Julian. Let the gifts and the abunDANCE flow!