Medicine of Music

Medicine of Music – An Afternoon Immersion

In by jenna

March 17, 2024 @ 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
The Sound Temple
The Sound Temple
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Medicine of Music – this immersive workshop is a Complete Tapestry of Sound.

Join us as our facilitator weaves this Creative Sensory Interaction over a three-hour period involving Immersion of Sound, Music, Breath and Very Light Movement.

January Kultura

Have you ever wondered why Vibrations are so important?

Would you Love to be involved in a tapestry of vibration so that you can Feel these connections in a real sense?

Have you connected to your own Personal Vibration?

How is there Music in Medicine?

How does Sound and Vibration weave this magical Tapestry we call life?

This workshop connects us to these deeper understandings. There are so many natural elements that surround us every day which all convert to vibrations, these vibrations hold such importance and create meaningful lives. One profound connection that will be explored is that of raw honey, it’s importance of vibrational partnership between the flowers, bees and its role of phytochemical properties from pollination.

Collaboration is the Essence of Life!

We will also take a journey to explore the importance of our very own personal vibration, hum/sound, the medicine of music and start to experience that our own anatomy is an instrument all on its own.

All of this followed by an improvised Deep Soundscape, tuning into the healing frequency of 432H and the weaving of raw multi-cultural sacred music. This journeys us straight to the Heart, stabilising and integrating all of the learnings from our time shared in sacred space together.

The Tapestry will unfold:

  • Welcome Circle
  • Story Time
  • Exploration of Vibrations
  • Connection between Flowers, Bees and Pollination
  • Personal Bodies as Instruments
  • Deep Soundscape Tuning
  • Multi-Cultural Sacred Music
  • Integration of Learnings
  • Beautiful Organic Refreshments and Raw Treats

Join our facilitator January Kultura for these bespoke Afternoon Immersions into the Medicine of Music on a journey of exploration into the Tapestry of Sound through Creative Sensory Interaction with Sound, Music, Breath and Movement.

Our luxurious Mandala Room is home to our regular Yoga Classes and bespoke workshops, set on the grounds of The Sound Temple, nestled on five acres of Jarrah Forest, you will be surrounded, supported and nourished by nature.

We’d love you to join us – all are welcome, the movement will be very gentle so no previous experience is needed, we will cater for all participants.

January KulturaJanuary is a professional multi- instrumentalist musician, sound healer and medical intuitive.
She works with a beautifully diverse soundscape, incorporating influences from many cultures around the world.

Growing up as a child in the Philippines, January was deeply influenced by the sounds of the natural world around her. She was inspired by the passionate voices of the local medicine women and these memories have guided her own healing practice.

We are very honoured here at The Sound Temple to have January as part of our regular Sound Facilitator Team here in the Perth Hills and are delighted to present her specialised work in Medicine of Music.

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