New Moon Sound Session

In by jenna

September 18, 2020 @ 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm
The Sound Temple
Perth Hills
The Sound Temple
0474 555 444

New Moon Sound SessionCost: $65 contribution – Includes an hour of Sound Healing and warming cup of tea

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Do you have a yearning to connect with your Heart & Soul, to live the life you came here for? If you find yourself asking this question, then the NEW MOON experience at The Sound Temple could be the answer.
It is a Soul Musicality Sound Healing session incorporating vocal, dream harp, crystal singing bowls, gongs, drums, Corinthian tubular bells and orchestral grade chimes that embraces, awakens and assists the healing of your body, mind and soul and connects you more deeply to your Divine Self. It will lift your vibrations to a higher level, re-activating the cellular memory deep within you, allowing your ancient knowledge to gently unfold and reveal your true potential, presenting your talents and gifts to the world. It’s a calling Home to the Beloved within.
Some of the beautiful sensations you will experience are deep relaxation, support and nourishment of your body and soul as the sound healing aligns your chakras and serves with love your own focused intentions and needs. The Sound Healing recalibrates your body, plumping up the cells.
Through angelic guidance our wonderful facilitator, Kim Echammaal Coull, will evoke your very own Heart Song. This is a healing gift to soothe the soul and awaken your consciousness to the eternity of your True Being. Kim will also spend time at the end of the session conducting a one-card reading with you if you wish.
The NEW MOON is a time to plant your seeds of desire which are usually seen coming to fruition by the next Full Moon. In our New Moon sound healing sessions each month we take time to ask ourselves what we deeply desire and to set our intentions for them to manifest.

Start: 7:30pm
Ends: 10:00pm
Includes: A warming cup of tea if you wish to remain for this afterwards.
To Bring: Blankets, pillows and bolsters provided.
Location: 30kms east of Perth CBD in the Hills WA (details on booking)

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