Nordic Myths – Tales from The Tree of Knowledge

Nordic Myths – Tales from The Tree of Knowledge

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June 28, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
The Sound Temple
$80 - This is a ticketed event, no door sales available.
The Sound Temple
0474 555 444

Nordic Myths – Tales from The Tree of KnowledgeContribution $80 – This is a ticketed event, no door sales available.

We Invite you to Join us as we Enter the World of Mythic Imagination

Roll up, Roll up, Roll up …. Hear all about it!!

This would have to be one of the best night’s out Perth has on offer! Over three hours of magical stories, sensational sound and a fabulous feast as the grand finale!

Gather your family and friends and warm your heart and soul at one of our exquisite storytelling events.

The night will unfold with our professional Storytellers leading us on a journey into sacred story.

Old mystical tales, which have been passed down from generations, are delivered in the way our ancestors told them. You will find yourself completely mesmerised and enthralled as these stories transport you to bygone years, a far cry from the busy world we live in today.

We asked one of our much-loved storytellers to tell us why these events held at The Sound Temple were so important and here’s a snippet of what she shared …

“The Sound Temple is one of the amazing organisations that have recognized the importance of reviving this ancient tradition.
They’ve seen first-hand how people are mesmerised and deeply moved by the power of oral storytelling.
That moment you hear something of your own experience in a story it’s magic. It’s healing.
It creates a feeling of shared meaning and understanding.

Creating community spaces in our society is so important. Places where people can come together and be opened up by a new experience – and then share that sense of awe or wonder or curiosity with each other.

These storytelling events are unique in that they are immersive – story, sound, community. A powerful mix”.

Another highlight of the evening is brought to you by the magic of sound. The storytelling theme for the night is supported by a sound narrative facilitator who will use their voice and their instruments to weave layers of intrigue and mystery in and around the story which will leave you absolutely spellbound.
And the Grand Finale is the coming together after the story and sound to gather together to enjoy a feast which provides a welcoming hearth to congregate around, sharing in heartfelt conversations and your journey! Joining together around story, sound and food nourishes our heart, body and soul and creates true community.

Join us for a majestic night of ancient Nordic Myth telling. Enter the world of dwarfs, frost giants, treasures, wells of wisdom, weavers of destinies and the Tree of Knowledge. You’ll meet Odin, the one- eyed father of all, and his mighty son Thor, God of Thunder. Hear tales of the lustful, trickster Loki and his magnificently selfish antics. You’ll meet Freyja, more beautiful than the sun and the moon and hear about the mighty destruction of all worlds – Ragnarok. These are the quintessential stories of ancient Norse Gods and Goddesses, tinged with flawed traits and foibles. Lust, dishonesty and treachery entwined simultaneously with noble deeds, boldness, courage and truth. One of our most popular storytelling themes, this event will be an adventure through time and into the mythic imagination. Join us!

  • Jaya Penelope
  • Jesse Williamson
  • Melissa Min
  • Kim Echammaal Coull

Not knowing what to expect but willing to give it a go, here’s a wonderful 5 star review from one of our lovers of story which we’d like to share …

“I went in not exactly knowing what to expect, all I knew was I would be listening to some stories and a meal after.
Little did I expect to enjoy some music, while talented tellers weaved their tales for us at a beautifully reclusive and peaceful retreat in the hills.
Afterwards a feast allowed us to enjoy the surroundings and chat to late about the experience we just had.
Extremely recommended for those who love performance, art and finding hidden gems in Perth”.

This event is held in the Perth Hills at the lovely grounds and studios of The Sound Temple.

These events are aimed for an adult audience and the content is not filtered for children.

When: Friday, 28th June 2019
Start: Please arrive 15 mins early for a 7:00pm start
Finish: 10:00 pm

An evening of live storytelling and sound performances by a selection of Perth’s leading storytellers and musicians.
A hearty, nourishing meal.
Location: 30kms east of Perth CBD in the Hills WA (details on booking)

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