Reclaim Your Magick! – A Deeply Nourishing Women’s Circle

Reclaim Your Magick! – A Deeply Nourishing Women’s Circle

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February 17, 2024 @ 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm
The Sound Temple
$242 (includes GST)
The Sound Temple
0474 555 444

Reclaim Your Magick! – A Deeply Nourishing Women’s CircleWomb Immersion – Reconnect Sacredness

A Retreat Full of Luscious Ceremonial Process, Nourishment and Connection, all shared in Sisterhood.

The outside world can be incredibly challenging and often devalues the experience of womanhood, and sisterhood, we have become distant from our own innate feminine essence and wisdom – she IS waiting for us to let her back in.

We are not just the roles we play out in this human experience, we are so much more….we are…..
ALL of the elements,
ALL of the emotions,
ALL of the archetypes…….and a whole lotta Magick!

This work is so important, it’s my greatest wish that you reconnect with your sacredness, that you remember how incredible you are, that you reclaim your power and pleasure, that you tap into your cyclic nature to move through your life with more grace, ease and understanding, and that you know on the deepest level how needed you are here.

During this afternoon retreat, our facilitator Amanda will share her amazing gift with you, which is to create a deeply compassionate space for women to re-connect to themselves and to others. This Womb Immersion has the following unfolding:

  • Opening Ceremony – creating an altar and calling in support from above and below
  • Anointing Workshop – Creating your own beautiful love oil
  • Ritual – Completing a loving and grounding ritual which will include mixing flowers, oils and crystals together to create an all-natural anointing oil. This wonderful ritual and oil will soften your heart, creating space for new loving energies to enter your life and support your journey to self-love.
  • Guided meditation connecting the womb and heart portals with energy work and light language
  • Embodied movement including nourishing yin yoga postures and intuitive rhythmic flow (all floor based) working with the water element and focused on the sacral chakra, with loving adjustments and aromatherapy
  • Toning – gentle breath work with loving encouragement to open your throat chakra releasing any sound that may wish to be expressed with music and crystal bowls to support
  • Sound Bath for integration of the retreat and will enable a state of deep relaxation
  • Reflection Session – Journaling and Oracle Cards.
  • Nourishing plant-based dinner, raw dessert, herbal tea and flower essence water
  • Closing Ceremony

Join yoga teacher, yoni massage therapist, and much loved women’s facilitator, Amanda Howell, on a journey into the sacred feminine through this beautiful afternoon of luscious ceremony and relaxation including all of the following:

  • Opening Ceremony
  • Create Your Own Love Oil
  • Ritual
  • Meditation
  • Embodied Movement
  • Toning and Sound Bath
  • Journalling
  • Oracle Cards
  • Dinner
  • Closing Circle

Our luxurious Mandala Room is home to this retreat, set on the grounds of The Sound Temple, nestled on five acres of Jarrah Forest, you will be surrounded, supported and nourished by nature.

We’d love you to join us – get ready to Connect, Revive and Feel Nourished in this Sacred work of the Divine Feminine.

Connect to the beauty, knowledge and pure magick that exists within you,
Awaken your feminine essence and tune in to your most powerful inner guidance system
Nourishment and deep connection, with practices of embodied movement, meditation toning, sound bath, journalling, anointing oil ritual workshop
Please know that you will be held and supported in full respect and honouring of your truth.

Working with a variety of modalities Amanda brings her wealth of knowledge to her area of expertise which is now concentrated in women’s health. Incorporating decades of experience and training into these bespoke offerings Amanda has become a wonderful support and guide for women.

Amanda Howell

Amanda is passionate about assisting her clients who have been through trauma, she sought out the specific training in Trauma-Informed Yoga which incorporates somatic movement to assist with this powerful work.

She teaches Yin and Vinyasa Yoga during her classes and retreats and is known as a compassionate space holder. Amanda incorporates the gift of sound into her yoga sessions and women’s circles.

Amanda also holds qualifications in Womb and Yoni Massage and Reiki which informs her work with clients.

During her workshops and retreats she supports clients to remember who they truly are, to remember and reclaim their own magic, inner power and cyclic nature through the reconnection with heart and spirit.

We are very honoured here at The Sound Temple to have Amanda as part of our regular Yoga Teacher and Women’s Circle Facilitator Team here in the Perth Hills and are delighted to present Reclaim Your Magick!

Cost: $242 (includes GST)

Time: 2pm – 7:00 pm
Please be there at least 15 mins before 2pm.

Included: Everything needed for your Reclaim Your Magick! experience is provided – including all anointing, ceremonial materials, yoga mats, bolsters and pillows, plus a nourishing plant-based dinner, raw dessert, warming cups of organic herbal teas and flower essence water. For in your embodied movement session we recommend you wear loose comfortable clothing and wear easy to remove shoes for entrance into our sacred spaces. We also suggest bringing your own water bottle and journal.

To Bring:  For your embodied movement session we recommend you wear loose comfortable clothing and wear easy to remove shoes for entrance into our sacred spaces. We also suggest bringing your own water bottle and journal.

Location: 30kms east of Perth CBD in the Hills WA (details on booking)

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