Joe Douglas

Men’s Group Leader

Joe Douglas is a skilful, compassionate and practical psychotherapist with a vision for helping people build their capacity for life.
Joe is a graduate of the mindfulness-based, body-centred, psychotherapy called “Hakomi” which he completed in 2007. He also completed a degree at Murdoch University and fully qualified with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 2011.

After meeting Joe, people quickly realise that his approach is dedicated to equipping his workshop participants with the awareness and the tools needed to remove the obstacles that prevent people from being the person they wish to be.

Joe prides himself on being a practical, down-to-earth kind of therapist who cuts through to the core of what needs to be done and helps people move through whatever they need to so that they can find more peace in their life.

He has delivered hundreds of workshops in all sorts of modalities, he attends regular Satsangs and leads meditation and corporate groups all over the world. Joe also hosts men’s groups, co-hosts women’s groups and blended gender workshops.

We are so pleased to announce that Joe has combined his lifetime of work and experience into amazing workshops and is looking forward to sharing his full toolkit with us at The Sound Temple in the Perth Hills.

Perth Hills, Western Australia | The Sound Temple Mob: 0474 555 444 | ABN: 71 568 849 946