Karla Hooper

Common Threads Advocate

Karla, know as Earth Girl, has a passion for finding simple, efficient and convenient solutions for leaving a lighter footprint on the Earth.
Currently living in the Perth Hills, Karla loves all things animals, sustainability and spirituality.

So much so, in 2010 she quit her corporate job to intuitively travel Australia to learn about using camels as a sustainable form of transportation.
Karla grew up thinking nothing about what chemicals she put onto or into her body, ate packaged foods, thought nothing about her personal environmental footprint and lived a blissfully ignorant life.

She has now dedicated her life to working with the Earth to find, share and inspire solutions for living in better harmony, returning balance and respect. And her belief is that this shouldn’t mean going without.

We are blessed at The Sound Temple to have Karla join us to as an advocate and presenter in the Perth Hills as part of our Common Threads Woven Through Community Exhibition.

Common Threads Woven Through Community is a week-long community engagement project proudly brought to you directly following the World Fashion Revolution week held in late April each year and happily leads into the local Toodyay Fibre Festival of 2019.
This exhibition includes topics of integrating sustainability, creativity, and traditional hand-crafted wisdom of the ages. These events are designed for you to leave feeling deeply inspired to become part of a continuing impulse of considerable change.

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