Kim Gordon joins the Common Threads Team

Kim Gordon

Common Threads Advocate

Kim Gordon lives right here in the Perth Hills.  Kim first learned to felt about 10 years ago and fell in love with it.  Ever since she was a young girl she loved the fibres of different fabrics which she reflects may have come from her mother and grandmother teaching her how to knit and crochet using many different wools and cotton.

Over the years she developed a love for natural fabrics and has mostly felted as a much-loved interest.  Kim has also participated in many workshops with well-known Australian and International felters giving her a variety of skills as a felter. She is also a member of Feltwest and has been an advocate and presenter at Common Threads Woven Through Community since its inception in 2018.

Her motto for felting is ‘From Fibre to Fabulous’… “To start with tiny and delicate fibres and watch them turn into a strong and durable piece of fabric or art work is amazing” says Kim.

We are blessed at The Sound Temple to have Kim join us to host workshops as part of our Common Threads Woven Through Community exhibition.

Common Threads Woven Through Community is a month long community engagement project which includes topics of integrating sustainability, creativity, and traditional hand-crafted wisdom of the ages.

Our 2020 theme embraces the inter connection of our living world – the seen and unseen “The Pollination of Life” exploring the underlying connections between artists, creatives, sustainable enterprises and movements.  As we all carry a thread that collaboratively weaves the health and wellbeing of our collective future on this planet.

These events are designed to share art and craft forms and exchange knowledge, to open participants up to a new way of life, they encourage the questioning of our thought patterns, they support the dissolving of old belief systems bringing a sense of belonging.  You will feel deeply inspired by being part of a continuing impulse of considerable change.


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