Meredith Forder

Meredith Forder

Philosopher & Spiritual Teacher

Meredith Forder is a Vedanta philosopher-practitioner and disciple of world-renowned philosopher Swami Parthasarathy. Meredith has spent 27 years studying and researching the ancient science of Vedanta and how it benefits modern-day health, happiness and wellbeing.
Six of those years were spent at the Vedanta Academy in India, under the guidance and leadership of Swami Parthasarathy. It was here the self-transformation took place.

The schedule at the Vedanta Academy incorporates the ancient spiritual practices of Karma, Bhakti and Gnana Yogas. When practiced meticulously, these Yogas transform your personality so that you become calm, composed, reflective and meditative. Furthermore, you become wise in your decisions and actions. Energised, purposeful, peaceful and productive. You become a complete individual, full of love, wisdom, kindness and generosity.

Through her teachings, Meredith offers the essence of Eastern philosophy to our Western society. Innovative and revolutionary are words used to describe Meredith’s method of teaching. She presents clear insights, and inspires people to live a peaceful and energetic life, free from worry and anxiety, stress and depression.

We are delighted to welcome Meredith to our team of facilitators here at The Sound Temple , bringing years of philosophy and wisdom to share with our community here in the Perth Hills.

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