Fluidity, Cleansing, Renewal and The Deep

NEW MOON IN PISCES – 6th March 2019

A New Moon is often a potent and powerful time for sowing seeds of prominent manifestation. The New Moon on March 6th sits in Pisces, which means there is a particularly haunting and ethereal quality to this phase. Be prepared for highly intuitive insights as well as a marked increase in absorbency from the surrounding environment.

It’s a time of extra sensitivity and emotional vulnerability. To balance this, it would be a wise practice to gravitate towards the healing and cleansing energy of water.

Dive into ocean swims, or salt baths to clear away any build up of toxins. Keep energy spaces clean and clear at this time. Sensitivity to music is also an aspect of this New Moon, so be especially mindful of the nourishing quality of your sound exposure, avoiding music that is particularly grating, edgy or aggressive. Let the holistic and healing nature of sacred sound be your guide during this fluid New Moon phase.

One of the more positive aspects of this new moon is its curative, cleansing and redeeming quality. If your surrounding environments are clean, uncluttered and harmonious, then this can be a time of deep healing for one self and others. A certain fluidity of spirit is the key. With inner clarity and calm, it may be a powerful opportunity to overcome limiting belief systems and refresh internal perspectives, unconscious drives and conditioned behaviours.  

Channel this powerful flowing energy back into your core, reclaiming aspects of your unique self, long since forgotten. Start making plans to make progress towards goals that are important to you, and revaluate the direction or flow that life is taking you. Call out and acknowledge areas of pain in your life. Take ownership of anything that is out of balance. Look deeply for clarity in the waters, where, for whatever reason, things may previously have become hidden. May they now become clear.

This highly sensitive time can be an opportunity to remember self-love, self-compassion, kindness, softness, mercy and forgiveness towards one’s own being.

This New Moon may well help you to realise just how far you have come, if you are able to let go of all the old weighted baggage that you may have accumulated along the way.

Blessings on the New Moon. May you find peace and clarity in the depths.

Join us to let go of YOUR baggage at New Moon Sound Healing on Friday 8th March and be prepared to dive deep as this is where peace and clarity can be found.