Full Moon in Gemini – Your Solo Star Will Shine

Step up to the microphone and let the spotlight shine on you!


This month’s Full Moon on 23rd November 2018 brings a huge surge of creative, communicative and vibrant energy as it sits in Gemini, ruled by Mercury – the messenger God himself.

You will now be more keenly aware of your incredible inner resources to change ANYTHING in your life.  This awareness opens doors for you to receive deep healing, to welcome the Light of the Divine and trust that everything has been orchestrated by Divine Grace.

Overall, the vibe of this Full Moon is expansiveness, open mindedness, adaptability, fluidity and versatility. If the past few months have seemed particularly heavy, now is the time to bring a new sense of light-heartedness, laughter and fun into your life as well as a host of new opportunities. Gemini is the ultimate social butterfly, so it will be a good time to forge new social connections or rekindle those that have fallen by the wayside.

It’s a time of potential optimism, excitability, expansion, strength, energy, vibrancy, sociability and lusciousness. However, be wary of feelings of increased impulsiveness and recklessness that may also be present.

Explosive or impulsive behaviour may lead to an increase in accidents or injuries. There may be a tendency to rapidly lose your temper and even slip into cruel thoughts, words or actions. Find mindful ways to release the hot full moon energy safely, through self-control, moderation and redirection to avoid causing hurt or harm. Measure your actions. Release emotions in a conscious and controlled manner, try to be wary of defensiveness or rash actions and be mindful of your energy output to avoid physical or emotional exhaustion.

There may well be an unexpected turn in relationships and money which may help to propel you forward into a life that is liberating, authentic and vibrant. Allow yourself to lightly enjoy the moment, and be patient with issues, people or things that aren’t meant to happen quite yet. Timing is everything. There is a distinct buzz in the air and you may be able to feel the call of a new grand adventure. Pace yourself, as this is just the beginning of more that is still to come.

On Saturday 24th November, we are hosting our Full Moon Sound Healing event.  We’d love you to join us to let go of what’s not serving you and bring in some of that creative, communicative and vibrant energy available this Gemini Full Moon.