Goodbye Procrastination, We’re Manifesting Magic

FULL MOON IN LIBRA – 21st March 2019

The first Full Moon of Autumn, on March 21st 2019 is actually both a Super Moon and in the Southern Hemisphere, known as our Harvest Moon. This is because it is the Full Moon that occurs closest to our Autumn Equinox, heralding in the imminent celebration of Easter a few weeks later.

This March Full Moon sits in the sign of Libra and calls in themes of balance and fairness. It has a distinctly harmonious feel to it this month as we are invited to consider the middle ground in relationships and fairness in communication with others. This Full Moon is a time where our own personal contradictions often come under the glare of the spotlight. Where are our strengths and where are our weaknesses?

This Autumn Full Moon will shine the light on any imbalances or injustices that are showing up in our life at this time. Is there a compromise that can be reached with integrity and wholeness? An alternative perspective can act as a vital game changer in most major decisions. It’s where our true sense of empowerment and flexibility can often arise. Sometimes with the most unexpected outcomes. New insights are always valuable and can only serve to teach us something.

We are asked to be mindful of too much procrastination this Full Moon, which sometimes comes hand in hand with the Libran symbol of the balanced scales. If you find yourself truly unable to commit to a decision, you might be called to make a choice regardless, so follow and trust your gut instinct to choose what feels right and keep focused on outcomes in line with the highest good. We may be asked to balance other people’s feelings, wants, and needs with our own. Can middle ground be found? This is a good time to find out.

Any Full Moon is also a great opportunity to purge what is no longer needed or required. It is a time when the veil between our material world and the spiritual world is at its thinnest and most permeable. This month, intuitive sense is strong, channeling the energies of the wise mystic, the earnest peacemaker and the considered diplomat. There is a strong connection to prophecy during this time and it is a powerful Super Moon for manifesting magic.

As always, be mindful of what lies at the heart of your Full Moon desires. Always check in that you are aligning yourself with the energies of light and love. It is the only true path.

This is the perfect time to bring some balance into your life and let go of any procrastination. Join us for our Full Moon in Libra Sound Healing event on Thursday 21st March 2019 and scale up to your higher self.