Full Moon in Pisces

Beloved, you are My Ocean

The archetypal phase of this moon is that of the healer. Pisces are greatly motivated by the suffering of others to provide a deeply personal service to others. They are very sensitive and often have psychic abilities or extra sensory perceptions. A balanced Piscean is very good knowing when to give to others and to themselves. On the shadow side they can be very passive and easily influenced by people, can be indecisive and things may have to get really bad before a problem is acknowledged.

Virgos are seen as the sign of the perfectionist. People born under this sign are methodical, efficient, practical, modest and reliable. They have very high standards and often go above and beyond the call of duty. Virgos are a valuable asset when getting projects done and provide wonderful support to those in need. They are very astute and know how to analyse situations and information well. On their shadow side their perfectionism can make them obsessive thinkers and they may find themselves over-committed in an attempt to keep their up their high standards.

The energy of this moon is a contrast between the deeply personal healer qualities of the Piscean and the impersonal practical qualities of Virgo. Both have a great need to serve other but do so in different ways. This Full Moon spend some time evaluating how you relate to people and how they respond to you. If you are a healer you may want to look at your service delivery to see if you have the right balance between forging deep client connections and providing the right level of practical and reliable support.

Make sure you look out for this powerful Full Moon, this Wednesday 6th September 2017 at 3.02pm it will be in Pisces with a Virgo Sun.

Put your crystals out, light a candle as it’s time for honouring the Healer within.