The Sound Temple invites Traditional Healer

Māori Healing comes to Western Australia.

How come you might ask?  At The Sound Temple we have worked hard to present new and interesting events to the people of Perth.  Soon after we hosted international Māori events for Jerome Kavanagh and Taryn Beri earlier this year I was contacted by one of our clients letting me know about an amazing Māori Healer that she knew of back in NZ.  My client said “Can you please organise an event and ask her to come over and share her wisdom with those in Perth”?  We are passionate about sharing the work of those who have interests in restoring traditional cultures around the world, our daily adventures are about bringing the “un” ordinary into the “extra” ordinary.  We are all about shining the light on those who want to step centre stage in their life but haven’t had the support of a special team behind them.  So…

We’re excited to share a very special gift that is making its way across the Tasman to The Sound Temple next month. Introducing Wikitoria Oman (who is a Traditional Māori Healer from New Zealand) accompanied by Timoti Huia Bramley.

In 2001 Wikitoria was guided to a traditional Māori healing clinic in Auckland and experienced her first traditional Māori healing in the form of Romiromi. This resonated strongly and changed the course of her life.

After training in clinics for eight years under Lui Perez and the late Papa Hohepa De la Mere as mentor, Wikitoria shifted to her turangawaewae (tribal place to stand) in Rotorua, and set up Wikitoria Māori Healing in 2010.

Traditional Māori Healing is a gift from The Ancient Ones dating back 4000 years and can be traced back to Hawaiki, to the stars and to IO (God-Creator, Source of All). It originates from the three spiritual vessels gifted from IO to Ranginui (Sky Father) to Papatuanuku (Earth Mother) to create the infusion of life as we know it.

There are various forms of Māori healing with tribal variations. Healing can be through Karakia (prayer), Pure (cleansing), Rongoa (traditional medicine), Bodywork (Romiromi and Mirimiri massage and counselling) or a combination of all these traditional practices.

Wikitoria specialises in a combination of deep massage, body alignment, release of blocked energy through pressure on the key body points, ancient prayer and counselling. Her traditional bodywork impacts the central nervous system at a cellular level. All the body systems are invigorated to help shift the body back into balance closer to its natural state of being.

A Māori healing massage can benefit people of all cultures and all ages whether you are fit and healthy or have a challenging illness.

We’re so excited to be able to welcome Wikitoria to our beautiful haven – The Sound Temple – here in Sawyers Valley, Western Australia and hope that you will enjoy reading a bit more about this event by popping onto .