New Moon in Scorpio – Say Sorry and Move On

New Moon in Scorpio – New Beginnings Start in your Heart


This month the New Moon falls in Scorpio on the 7th November and suggests the potentiality of deep spiritual transformation through empathy and forgiveness. It’s a time of reinvention, for old things to fall away, revealing new insights with clear intensity.

The question is, what will we each do with the knowledge that is revealed? How can we use this insight to feed our noble, higher selves?

This New Moon in Scorpio, with penetrating insight, reveals the clarity of what’s going on beneath the surface of our reality. It shows us what is actually at work in our subconscious, what subtle or suppressed emotions may be at play. With Scorpio’s piercing light, we can choose to work with reoccurring patterns of limiting behaviour and seek to clear the road blocks on our journey.

Investigative and intuitive Scorpio has a deadly eye for the truth. This is one of the most psychic zodiac signs of all and it senses things that are often overlooked. Prepare to feel a raw sensitivity towards others. Understanding people, even people you normally don’t get along with, will feel far simpler. Remember that people who are difficult to love often need to be loved the most. As long as you remain open-minded, you can forge genuine intimacy with others on this new moon.

Because this new moon will also form a trine with dreamy, nostalgic, and forgiving Neptune, this lunar event will help you come to terms with the past and forgive yourself for everything you wish you had done differently. Make no mistake; this new beginning starts in your heart.

With brave hearts and a good dose of courage, we can use the clear insight of this revealing New Moon to begin to address and resolve challenges, particularly in relationships, through powerful acts of forgiveness, compassion and empathy. It is a potent time to make amends for past mistakes, so that the road ahead may be cleared, free of guilt, shame, negative habits or projection of intense emotions on to others.

This New Moon is a powerful time for new beginnings as we search for inventive ways to move forward. However, for the search to bear fruit, it will be necessary to seek solutions deep at the roots of the problem. There is treasure there that can not be found in the more shallow areas of analysis. Don’t be afraid to dig deeply, courageously and honestly during this New Moon to make the changes that your higher self so desperately calls from you.

Join us at The Sound Temple on Friday 9th November as we welcome the New Moon in Scorpio Sound Healing.