New Moon in Virgo

Tend to the Garden of your Soul

The Florence Nightingale Moon in Virgo

This is an invitation to take some precious time for yourself. The Lady of the Lamp comes to shine her light into the deep canyons of your pain and hurt, to bid you rest and heal (physically, emotionally, psychologically). It is time to nurse yourself, to give yourself what you need. You give too much to others. Do too much. The Lady of the Lamp shines her sliver of light upon your path and leads you into the Temple for healing. Be still. Hands on your heart, it is time for love and self attendance. Minister to your needs. Drink from the cup of deep and unending compassion. Let the strong Medicine of your instinctive, wise nature lead you to rest. Old wounds may be surfacing with acute resonance and, I have to tell you that, tonight (as if they know), outside in the gum trees blossoms and in the wisteria, and amongst the roses, I can hear the Moon Birds singing.  It could be the heart song of a Frogmouth or a Willy Wag Tail…but perhaps it sounds more like a cuckoo. They are calling us to walk in the mystic dark, calling us to tend the garden of our souls under the cover of timeless night. There are seeds to be planted for this coming month. Seeds that will sprout and bear fruit if you take the time now to plant them. The night birds are singing because they know that in the dark their song is a strong and clear summoning, a sobering and thoughtful honouring, and a hymn to healing.

This Friday Night come into The Sound Temple and hear the sweet bird of your Soul sing to you in the rich, velvet dark of universal germination…and let yourself heal. You’ve done so well. You have helped so many. Now it is time for you to tend with compassion to the beauty, sensitivity, and song of your own perfect soul.

By Kim Echammaal

New Moon Sound Session