Remove The Mask And Be Seen this December New Moon

New Moon in Sagittarius – Celebrate or Commiserate

The time of the New Moon represents the ending of one phase and the beginning of a new cycle. It’s generally viewed as an excellent time for making a fresh start, turning over a new leaf, or re-evaluating plans. It’s an opportune time to question habits, behaviours and pre-existing beliefs as we search for new perspectives and purpose.

The New Moon on December 7th has some dark themes, which focus on anger, fear, deception, confusion, immorality and perversion. It has a deep murkiness to it that calls for the light of honesty to bring forth clarity, deeper understanding and some pretty intense personal growth for those brave enough to look closely at our habitual or conditioned patterns of behaviour. Who really gets cheated when we fall into dishonesty? Our inner most being is the one who wrestles mostly with our self-induced delusions. Does succumbing to the whisper of fear, on an ongoing basis, really keep us safe? Or does it just fortify the prison of our own making? Carrying around a false persona or a carefully constructed mask, prevents us from being really, truly seen and valued for our authentic selves.

Where are we repeating old, unhealthy patterns? Where are we stuck? Where is our ego at work, where is the shadow? Are we brave enough to ride the discomfort to find a new way of being, something more transparent, cleaner, clearer, working in the light.

While you gently hold these questions, make sure to avoid negative environments and those people you feel may drain you or lead you into unwise decisions.  Beware the trickster at play. This New Moon is a particularly hard time to decipher truth from fiction. Keep yourself grounded and be aware of manipulations. Be conscious of deception and competition. It is time for an element of protection and common sense. Heightened sensitivity may lead to excess anxiety and impulsive decision making. Destructive energies are best channelled constructively. Try not to react to provocation and if you do, then do so in a straight forward, direct and honest way. Don’t leave anything to the imagination.

Breath through heightened emotions and confused communication this New Moon. When old patterns arise, gently get curious about them. Seek out safe environments and trustworthy people. Channel frustrations into acts of service and creativity. This New Moon is a time of increased creativity and imagination, which makes it a great phase for art, music, sculpture, dance and drama. Engaging in socially conscious causes or charity work are positive ways to release the intensity of this energy safely and in service of a greater good.


Try not to focus on what you should or shouldn’t have done, and instead focus on how far you have come. 2018 was a challenging year, but you made it and you are stronger now because of it.

Celebrate how far you have come. Celebrate all you have achieved. Be proud of yourself, for here you are still standing, still glowing, still interested in becoming the best you can be. And this is always worth celebrating.