Sacred Awakenings – The Ancient Sisterhood

Remembering, Unlocking and Activating Atlantis. Connecting to the Divine Sisterhood.

The trauma is real. Trauma you think, what do you mean, how can that be so?

It’s locked firmly in our cellular memory or perhaps our genetic lineage and DNA and felt from past lives. It expresses itself through fear in many forms, debilitating us from truly stepping into our power, rising and unlocking our Authentic Self, innate spiritual gifts and disconnection to The Sisterhood.

This timeline was so traumatic for some of us that it separated our soul. The energy imprint manifests itself into deep fear – as we witnessed the self-destruction we experienced the trauma. Some of us process the guilt of the misuse of energy through fear of our own power, fear of misusing our power, self-sabotaging behaviors, deep fear of rising water, fear of drowning, fear of trusting ourselves with crystals, grids, light and sound frequencies. For some the memory of the trauma is painfully real and for others it is a fear we can attempt to justify.  But deep in our soul we know that the depth of the fear is more, it is beyond this life and these words ring true to our spirit and our soul.

From my experience in being guided and shown how to clear our trauma, fear and blockages from Atlantis, we are then able to unlock our gifts not only from this timeline but also Lemuria.

Our intention with our Sacred Awakenings Workshop to allow us to heal and clear these traumas, step into our power and reunite with our sisters in the Divine Sisterhood.

As we awaken and remember our ‘past lives’, cellular memory and repair and unlock our DNA, our consciousness expands. As we continue to heal, grow and expand our consciousness, we are given more spiritual gifts, spiritual responsibility, blessings, authority, greater insights and become aware of more timelines we can heal, call on and tap into. We start to truly embody all time as now and begin to witness and observe parallel and future timelines also, we are bending time as we thought we knew it. We are working with collective consciousness throughout this process which is the golden web we weave in transition in this paradigm shift. The ripple effect from the transformational process within is received through all time and space.

In the process of healing ourselves, we have been shown what needs to be done on many levels and layers. When we are devoted to evolution and our path of Ascension, we have been guided to continue to heal deeply on all timelines and assist others in doing the same. We embrace embodying the Ancient Sisterhood, honoring the Divine Feminine through our deep connection to Mother Earth, Sacred Ceremony, Embracing Moon Cycles, Sacred Dance and Movement, Sacred Sound and Shamanic Practices. Our work must continue and together as we grow deeper in our remembering we collectively rise thus co-creating ‘The New Earth’ and Unity Consciousness.

Join us to support you through this powerful transformational healing process to allow yourself to go deeper within and embrace your true power through this Sacred Awakening, connecting you with the Ancient Sisterhood.

It was spoken through a birthing tree on sacred grounds in the Hunter Valley through me to Georgia Gaylard that we need to share this medicine, Sacred Awakenings with you. We are honored to be of service to you, humanity and Unity Consciousness and bring this sacred work to The Sound Temple.

We call in our Sisters, to join us on this sacred dance back hOMe.

Nicole Thomas – Sacred Awakenings