Behold De-light


By Artist Lynnette K McFarlane

We have been blessed to have some beautiful Art Prints from local and talented artist Lynnette K McFarlane from her recent Art Exhibition held at The Sound Temple in November. Here is how Lynnette explains the inspiration behind her remarkable work … “When I engage in colour and meditative space, I connect to and explore Spiritual Expression as I feel, see and hear images, symbols, colours and messages. To do this, I must be open to PLAY and ALLOWING while all the time being grounded.

As I paint, chalk or draw and “open passage” for an artwork to evolve, I am inspired by the teachings and will often stand back in awe of insights that have come to me. I understand they are often “Universal Healing Teachings” intended for many eyes to see. It intrigues me when I depict an image without having previous knowing of it and often within days I will come across a conversation, book, speaker etc offering insight. Or similarly an event will occur, and the interpretation/purpose of the artwork then becomes clear”.

These original canvas Art Prints measuring 21cm x 29.5cm ready to be framed and hung in your very own sacred space.

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