Café Mantra Chant 2 – Shakti Sounds


Author: Kelly Jo

SHAKTI SOUNDS is created for meditation and healing. You can chant along or lay down and allow the soothing vibrations to wash over you to receive the loving power of the Divine Mother. SHAKTI SOUNDS is a collection of seed mantras that activates the loving light of the Divine feminine energy called Shakti. Each sound is chanted gently over ambient drones and Tibetan bowls.

Track 1 features seed sounds that invoke the power of divine Shakti energy. Each seed mantra activates a different quality that resonates in your being to bring about positive change to your mental, physical and spiritual bodies.

Track 2 contains 108 repetitions of the Divine Mother mantra ‘Aum Para Shaktiyai Namaha’. This mantra activates the power of spiritual love into your heart.

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