Deva Premal – Password


Author: Deva Premal

“Mantras are passwords that transform the mundane into the sacred,” says Deva Premal.

Password represents a shift in direction for Deva and Miten, with the introduction of Danish producer RajRishi, who brought the cream of Copenhagen’s jazz players into the mix.

The result is a substantial, musically refined album with sublime arrangements of ancient mantras, complementing Deva’s soulful vocals. The album also features Manose, the ever-present bansuri maestro from Nepal.

Password takes mantras beyond the ashrams of India and makes them accessible for anyone new to meditation or chanting, while offering a fresh sound for practiced individuals.

CD Tracks:

1. Mangalam
2. Shyam!
3. Sri Nanda-Nandanastakam
4. Narasimha (free)
5. Mere gurudev
6. Nandana Gopala
7. Om Dhara
8. Aham prema
9. Shyam! (prabhu mix)


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