Medical Myths & Health Lies


Author: Peter Dingle

Don’t confuse science with medicine, as they are very different things. When you read this book, you will realise that you have been lied to and deceived by organisations that claim they are looking after your best interests.

These organisations include the drug and food companies with billions of dollars worth of vested interests in selling products, or the media, public advocacy groups and foundations funded by these big companies and even governments who give in to pressure from large, rich and influential lobbying groups. Since we began following the advice of these organisations, we have been getting sicker and sicker, which has cost us dearly and caused a great deal of needless suffering.

We take more prescribed drugs than at any time in history and have higher disease-related death rates than ever before. When there are large sums of money involved, corruption occurs at all levels. In this book you will find a good dose of common sense and wisdom backed up by nearly a thousand scientific references.

Amongst many things you will learn is why top-selling drugs to lower cholesterol or depression—as well as margarine, milk and nutritional advice from the government during the past 40 years—are not good for you and why cholesterol, animal fat, butter and salt are not bad for you. You will discover why supplementation and questioning all the information you get is good for you.

Finally you will understand why it is so hard to get correct and honest information including, as a stunning example of this, Dr Dingle’s own personal story of persecution for telling the truth.

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