One Tribe


Author: One Tribe Healing

How to use this music

This cd is full of healing medicine. It was made with the intention of addressing specific issues commonly faced by both indigenous and non-indigenous peoples. To receive optimal benefit, space and time should be allocated so that no interruptions restrict the medicine penetrating the cells and cell memories within the body.

We recommend lying down or meditating in a comfortable position. This cd was not designed to be played whilst driving (it is trance inducing and could be dangerous) or socialising. It is for healing and freeing ones spirit.

See below for guidance on each medicine track.

Walk with the Ancestors

This song is used to call in the ancestors. Calling upon the ancestors is a powerful way to connect with the spirit world. Getting in touch with your ancestors, both through the blood line and spirit line can help ensure you follow your highest calling and are true to yourself. May you always walk in the footsteps of the ancestors treading the path of love, integrity and humility.

Eagle Medicine

This song is a tribute to Isaac Wells of the Lil’wat Nation in British Columbia Canada. Isaac taught Julian the Eagle Dance as part of a cultural exchange which was the inspiration for this medicine.

This medicine is to be used for visioning and absorbing eagle medicine. The eagle is revered by the native tribes of Canada and America as it flies high in the sky, close to Great Spirit.

Eagle says “Come and fly with me, leave your earthbound existence and venture into the spirit world. I am your guide and guardian into the heavenly realms. Allow my flight to free your spirit and my sight to pierce any clouded vision within you. With my medicine you will be able to rise above daily concerns and the see the world with clarity and tenderness”.

Healing the wounds within

This medicine track was created with the intent to send healing energy to the indigenous peoples of Australia and America and the lands upon which they walk. It bears witness to the suffering they have endured and honors their ancient and powerful ancestral lineage.

Whilst listening to this track allow your own wounds to be heard and healed. Surrender to the vibrations knowing that the ancestors hear your pain. You are not alone. You are supported, held and loved. Allow this love to wash through your wounds and dance once more upon this sacred earth.

Dropping Addictions

This medicine track was created with the intention to help heal the soul and free the body and mind of addictions. Addictions come in many forms, physical, mental or emotional. They fill a void inside but only temporarily and in the end deprive an individual of freedom, love and truth.

To help counter these addictions it is recommended to play this track one or twice daily for thirty days, then as and when required. It will work best if space and time is cleared to allow the vibrations to work on all levels within.

Allow this medicine to heal the wounded parts of yourself that crave to be held, loved and healed. This medicine, supported by your commitment, can help set you free.

Walk into the light

This medicine track thins the veil between this world and the next assisting the transition from the physical back into the spiritual. The time of crossing over is very significant. This medicine soothes the soul and its vibrations draw in the light to support an easy, smooth and safe passage back home.

This medicine can also assist in space clearing. As souls leave the body they at times get trapped on the earth plane due to the speed and shock of their passing, through patterns of thought that keep them bound to loved ones still in the physical, because of fear of stepping into the light or meeting a fanciful world of fire and brimstone.

The truth is the ancestors, guardians, and angelic bodies love and care for every soul to ensure a smooth passage should the soul welcome in the experience. All beings have free choice, even in the afterlife, but a soul trapped on the earth plane when so much love, healing and light is available can be lonely and torturous. Play this track to help your loved ones cross over or to offer a bridge for any energy you encounter that feels trapped and lost.

Sacred Birth

This medicine is primarily for expecting mothers and can also be used to assist in your own spiritual rebirth. Giving birth is one of the most sacred, challenging and defining moments in a woman’s life. In the past women gave birth in nature, completely supported by the elements. Nature bore witness, cradled and nurtured the birthing ritual. Women were attracted to land that carried the birthing vibration. Today women are often robbed of a natural birth and the growth and healing that comes with it. They are isolated from nature, often giving birth in a sterile, cold and calculated environment.

This medicine carries the vibration of a natural, healthy and loving birth supported by nature and the divine mother. It can also help heal any scars endured through giving birth, being born or losing a young one. Take this medicine regularly in the lead up to your birth and multiple times to heal existing wounds until a tangible shift within the body, mind and spirit is achieved.

This track can also be used to support the birth of new ideas, projects and dreams.

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