Return to Source


Author: One Tribe Healing

How to use this music

This healing CD is designed to take you on a journey home to the love and divinity within you.

The first track, “Return to Source” (40 min), is very deep and cleansing. It can be used to help purify a space of any negative energy, relieve stress and bring sleep to restless nights. It is a powerful ally to those in the healing profession as it will allow your clients to relax, unwind and go very deep inside.

The second track, “Nature Spirits” (40 min), aligns you with the healing vibrations of nature and offers inspiration to the soul. It is uplifting, rejuvenating and deeply healing.

The soothing, deep vibrations of the didjeridu feature throughout both tracks.

Other instruments include a subtle mix of drums, crystals bowls, clapsticks, gentle vocals and nature sounds.

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