Ten Thousand Suns


By: Kim Echammall Coull

Ten Thousand Suns is a beautifully unique album featuring Kim’s angelic, vocal meditations and original songs that reflect, and gently vibrate with, the experiential essence of her sound healing sessions.

Each track invites a deep communion with the heart and soul, evoking the Light of Ten Thousand Suns within us, calling us Home into the Beloved Heart of Being. Kim’s vocal modulations – tonal and expressionist devotions with crystal singing bowls, dream harp, and tranquillity harp – and intimate devotional songs on guitar, reverberate to the very depths of the soul and provide a soothing backdrop for personal meditative focus, relaxation, quiet introspection and devotion, meditation, circle work, and yoga of all kinds.

Ultimately, this album is an intimate love song to The Beloved (Self-shining Awareness). It is an achingly beautiful and finely wrought call to Heart and Home.

About the artist
Kim Echammall Coull is a singer-songwriter and vocal/instrumental sound healer, a therapeutic sacred arts teacher (Tarot & Astrology), writer, poet, and artist. For Kim, the love of singing is a river that has never stopped flowing and finding its many expressions. Now, as a vocal and instrumental sound healer and Soul Musicality Practitioner, she works privately and at various venues in Perth, Western Australia, including The Sound Temple in Sawyers Valley.

Kim’s healing sound-scapes are heart-song immersions, a form of vocal art. Using her angelic voice, harps, chimes, Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, gongs, Native American Flute and bells she creates an intimate, unique, and irresistible invitation back Home into The Beloved’s Embrace.

During each session Kim sings your personal Heart Song, a healing gift calling you Home, a compassionate easing of hurt, a recalibration of energy, and a celebration of the beauty of your soul – the timeless manifestation of your own unique vibration, pulse, and exquisitely wrought melody. These Heart Songs lift and attune your vibration and bring you Home to the Pure Awareness that is your True Nature. Kim’s Vocal Art creates a beautiful Ocean of Sound that serves with loving kindness, your own focused intentions and needs, soothing tensions, releasing pent up emotions, and opening the heart.

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