Spring Cleaning at Soul Level

Full moon eclipse in Cancer January 11th 2020

There are potent energies coming through this full moon.

Firstly, the full moon is in Cancer which is the home sign for the moon. That’s why it’s called Mother Moon in some cultures. Cancer symbolises the cosmic mother representing

  • Nurturing
  • Empathy
  • Kindness

The Moon is at 20º Cancer opposite the Sun which is at 20º of Capricorn. Mercury conjuncts the Sun at 20º. It’s so exciting that this is the first full moon of the decade of 2020s….

This energy provides a huge push to look at our own understanding of love and relationships. We need to fully understand that whatever we do to others has an impact on what we do to ourselves.

This is the time to birth a new understanding of how to live fully from the heart.

Secondly, with the intense stellium of Saturn, Pluto, Sun and Mercury all conjunct in Capricorn and opposite the Moon, there needs to be a change in our understanding of authority and forms of top down leadership. The male dominated structures of authority are changing. The way we use Capricorn energy will be changing, moving away from that ‘material success’ 3D paradigm towards spiritual mastery. That is the higher level of expression of Capricorn. This is a very important shift is human history.

Thirdly, Uranus, ruler of Aquarius and the New Aquarian Age, stations direct on the same day as the Full Moon Eclipse in Cancer.

This change of direction awakens a profoundly intensified focus on FREEDOM. When a planet is at a standstill while changing direction, it has the greatest impact on us, so the change of direction on Eclipse Day – and just hours before the Stellium in Capricorn – is big cosmic news.

Uranus show us in what ways we are

  • Original
  • Inventive
  • Creative

So this station into forward momentum will clearly point out where there is restriction and what may be holding you back!

You are being re-calibrated internally to liberate yourself from fear.

This can feel like a Spring Cleaning at Soul Level.

There are so many shifts at this time that you may be feeling exhausted. Be kind to yourself. Allow the flow of energy to move through your energetic system and recalibrate where needed.

2020 will truly be a pivotal year for us all, one where we will look back and remember how it changed the course of history. There are so many huge cycles ending and beginning now.

Thanks to all our amazing lovers of Sound who continue on the journey with us here at The Sound Temple. To help you with the commencement of your own personal SOUL CLEANSE this month we are happily sharing the gifts of Frankincense and Myrrh from our Gifts of Gratitude Shop with all those who are attending one of our Full Moon events this weekend