Once in a Super Moon

Super what?

Everyone’s talking about Full Moons, Blood Moons, Super Moons. But what does it all mean?

On Wednesday 31st January 2018, astronomically, it’s a pretty big deal.  Not only will there be a Full Moon in the sky but it will appear significantly bigger and brighter than usual. This happens because the moon’s orbit is much nearer to the earth than usual – around 25,000km closer than its average distance.  This increase in size and proximity to the earth make it known as a Supermoon.

The other interesting and special thing about this event is that it’s the second time this month we’ve had a full moon. That makes it a rare astronomical event. It’s where we get the old saying “once in a blue moon” to mean an unusual and infrequent occurrence.

And if all that’s not special enough, we also have a Lunar Eclipse happening as well. This occurs when the Earth, Sun and Moon align. The astronomical term is known as Syzgy and comes from the Greek word meaning “being paired together”. Often when we get a total eclipse, the moon appears red in colour, which is where we get the term Blood Moon. This happens when the sun and moon perfectly align and the moon passes directly through the earth’s shadow. Instead of going dark, the sunlight refracts around the earth casting a red spectrum that gently illuminates the moon from behind.



From an astrological point of view, a Full Moon is a powerful time when the moon’s energy is at its strongest. It is a time when we are encouraged to reflect on our life’s path and set clear personal intentions. For many cultures, the moon represents our human self and the Full Moon symbolizes a state of wholeness that we may attain at a place of full self-realization.

So, this Wednesday, we invite you to turn your gaze to the night time sky. The best time to view it will be just after moonrise, when the moon is closest to the horizon, or just before the moon sets. Either way, we’re all going to be treated to the very rare sight of a red Blue Moon or a Super Blue Blood Moon. An Astronomical event not to be missed!

Our Full Moon Sound Healing event at The Sound Temple for Wednesday is FULLY BOOKED – make sure you book your spot for our next event on Saturday 3rd March 2018.