Think like an Aquarian – Outside The Box!

“For last years words belong to last years language. And next years words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning.” T. S. Elliot

A whole new year, a whole new decade!

For some reason, the beginning of a new decade sounds so much more refreshing than just a new year. So much can happen in a decade. So much has happened in this decade. A lot of us have grown up, left school, left home, married or had children. Lost old friends and met new ones, gone to different countries or stayed right where we always were! Started businesses, or left businesses behind. There’s been birthdays and Christmases and loses and joys. Really, an awful lot can happen in a decade when you really stop to think about it.

With this New Moon on January 25th in Aquarius, you may find yourself searching for emotional freedom.

Aquarians are radicals.

They like to think outside the box.

Thirdly, Uranus, ruler of Aquarius and the New Aquarian Age, stations direct on the same day as the Full Moon Eclipse in Cancer.

Take a leaf out of their book under this New Moon and do exactly that.

You may find that thinking outside the box is exactly what you need!

A New Decade is a wonderful time to start afresh and New Moon is the poster child for New Beginnings. This is the time to let go of anything bothering you, to make peace with yourself and do what you’ve always wanted to do. Maybe this is the year you write that book you’ve been talking about forever, or the year you find someone to spend the rest of your life with. Maybe you start a flower business, or open a bakery or run a marathon. Whatever it is, have the courage to start. If you were looking for a sign, then this it is. Take it with both of your hands and run.

There is still a strong emphasis on Capricorn energy with the current stellium of Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn represents the past. But this New Moon on January 25th 2020 is in Aquarius. Aquarius represents the future. The Sun, Moon and Mercury are now in Aquarius.

We are at a crucial pivot point where the energy of the past and the future can both be seen. We are literally standing at a point of change. We can review clearly all the things we have achieved, what we are leaving behind and absorb the learning from all those difficult lessons! And at the same time we can look forward to our future potential where our dreams and wishes can begin to shape a new world.

This New Moon is full of surprises. We are in a 4 Universal Year (2020). The number 4 is asking us to create a new reality, a new earth, a new way of connecting with nature. The New Moon is also at 4º, emphasising this need to look at our presence on earth, to respect nature and create something organic, solid and worthwhile. This force for change is being held within an Aquarian energy which is highly significant and shows us that we are at a point of liberation where we are not held by old outdated ideas. So let us be clear on what we would like to see in the world and hold the intentions of so many positive new beginnings.

The new moon has only 1 major aspect which happens to be Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius. Uranus is forming a square to the new moon. Generally a planet which squares the new moon will indicate a tense activating energy. Uranus helps us to find new ways of being original, inventive and creative. With this new moon in Aquarius the push to upgrade to a higher vibrational energy system is emphasised. This is not a time to stand still!

This is a time to grasp your dreams with both hands.

Thanks for reading our notes that are lovingly prepared for The Sound Temple by our team members Linda Upfill and Jaymie Carter.