Time To Get Your Ducks All Lined Up! New Moon in Leo

The New Moon in Leo invites a time of playful, warm hearted self-expression.

After the Full Moon roller coaster and eclipse last month, we are about to step in to a New Moon packed with renewed energy, romance, self-expression, play and promise. Thank goodness for that!

The New Moon on the 11th August is a Solar Eclipse and rises in the sign of Leo. Carrying the symbol of the lion, it’s an energy that’s full of fire, pride, passion, generosity, warm-heartedness and creativity.

This eclipse will invite a more playful and upbeat energy into our lives. Providing opportunities for increased self-expression, it will be a time to share all those parts of ourselves that are unique and special. A great time to capitalise on the flow of creative energy, it’s a powerful chance to bring something new into the world, whether it be a delicious meal, a poem, a painting, a photograph, a relationship or a new awareness. With the confident forces of Leo behind us, it’s also an opportunity to quieten the discourse of self-doubt and roar our most extravagant, wild and juicy New Moon intentions out into the night.

This is a potent time to spend in loving welcome of our inner child, encouraging free play and imaginative creativity. It’s also a time governed by the heart with a highlight on children or romance. There will also be an increased focus on areas related to hobbies, sports, recreation and games.

With Mercury continuing its retrograde in the sign of Leo until the 19th August, this is a strong opportunity to return to old situations with a new perspective or renewed energy. Our thoughts may frequently turn to past achievements, loves, and endeavours, seeing them a little differently, or from an alternative point of view.

With Mars still in retrograde until the 27th August, our energy is turned inward, intensified and personalized. It’s a time of honest self-reflection, of opportunities for self-growth and deeper understanding of the drives and motivations that work within us. We will do well to remember to breath deeply through any frictions that may arise during this time and go gently with ourselves and others.

Time to get your ducks all lined up folks!