Viking Kings, Nordic Gods, Norse Myths and Female Valkyrie Warriors

Norse Myths and the Ancient Art of Storytelling

The ancient art of telling of stories is deeply rooted in the human language. It is a cultural act of ceremony, community and tradition. Each tale belongs to its own unique lineage and every story brings forth a distinctive taste of place, setting and history. Oral storytelling takes us out of time and space, providing a quiet sanctuary for us where we bare witness to long forgotten wisdoms, nestled in a feeling of deep resonance, belonging, and connection. Storytelling is living alchemy with a rich and vast history.


Viking Storytellers were honoured and feared as important carriers of history, mythology and Nordic traditions.



Like many of the oldest cultures around the world, the Vikings had a professional class of storyteller, the Skalds, who were charged with the task of carrying the history and mythology of the Nordic culture in their heads. The Skalds were both honoured and feared. With their satirical poetry and in-depth knowledge of literature, poetry and history, they had the ability to harm a Kings reputation or raise a Lords standing in society. They were teachers, historians, advisors and conveyed essential information about how to behave in society through their stories, poetry and often musical ability.

Skalds made history and folklore come alive. Gods and Goddesses were vividly brought to life and children learned of great heroes and their deeds. During the long Scandinavian winters, Skalds warmed their audiences with tales of the one–eyed Odin, hammer-wielding Thor, feather cloaked Goddess Freyja, the illusive trickster Loki, Ice Giants, the Tree of Life, the immense destruction of Ragnarok and the rebirth of the world made anew.

The cosmos in Norse mythology consisted of Nine Worlds that surrounded a central cosmological tree named Yggdrasil. Gods appeared as creators of humanity;  Odin, Thor , Hod, Loki and Haenir. Goddesses were distinct and powerful in their own right; Frigg, Hel, Freyja, Hyndla, Berchta and Holda. The Ice Giants arose as a fierce enemy and threatened the stability of the Godly realm. An immense battle raged that ultimately led to Ragnarok, the fiery destruction of the Nine Worlds. However, from this a new world was reborn, green and fertile and became home to the first two humans, Ask and Embla.

Nordic Mythology, containing fundamental stories of creation and the plight of the Gods, extends back to the beginning of the Iron Age, with certain aspects going back even further to the Neolithic period and beyond.  Revived as an area of scholarly interest in Europe in the 17th century, these stories continue to enchant and captivate all who hear them, and they hold a central place in contemporary popular culture.

Join us on March 2nd from 7.00pm – 9.30pm for a sumptuous night filled with tales of Viking Kings, Nordic Gods, Norse Myths and Female Valkyrie Warriors. A rich, immersive evening of traditional storytelling that will invigorate your soul.