Virgo New Moon – Turn Your Own Lemons Into Lemonade

Virgo New Moon – Turn Your Own Lemons Into Lemonade

New Moon in Virgo – Time to Stop Procrastinating

New Moons are definitely a time for planting seeds. But before we get our gardening gloves on, it’s always good to put some thought into what we’re planting and why.  After all, we reap what we sow… and this idea is especially important to remember during this September 2018 New Moon in Virgo.

So, when we plant our own seeds at this New Moon, it’s important to make sure the intentions behind them line up with our highest values and ideals. The gap between who we are and who we’d like to be can feel painfully wide at times, but there’s always something we can do to narrow it.  Just take things one small step at a time—an approach that comes naturally to a thoughtful, meticulous Virgo.

The New Moon rising in Virgo means that this is not only the time to start something new, but also the time to break down any problems we’ve been experiencing to find some simple solutions — that is, after all, what Virgos do best. During the time of the New Moon, we’ll have the opportunity to really think about what information we need to retain, so we can focus on what really matters to us. This is also a time where we’ll be focused on honing our skills, thinking about balance, and investing in self-care.

A bit more about Virgo, especially as the Sun is currently sharing this sign as well. Virgo is a true fixer — a skilled problem solver, organiser, analyst and intellectual. The sign has a bit of a reputation for being critical or overly-serious, but trust that it’s all coming from a place of love and a true desire for things to be as effective as possible — simply the best they can be. Given that, it makes total sense that another interpretation of Virgo is as a healer and humanitarian. When a Virgo’s keen eye for detail notices a flaw or inefficiency, they don’t want to fix it because they’re picky — they want to fix it because it’s genuinely for the greater good.

New Moons in general symbolise beginnings, so it’s usually a good time to start new projects or things you’ve been putting off. But the energy of having a new moon in Virgo brings on a slightly different opportunity. A Virgo New Moon is different in that it is suggested that we may not want to plant new seeds; rather we try to figure out what to do with what we’ve already harvested.  So rather than beginning a brand-new project, look at what’s in front of you. How will you use what you’ve built and what’s been handed to you to move forward? It’s still a shiny new beginning, for sure, but there’s no need to start from scratch — efficient Virgo wants you to work with what you’ve got for its New Moon and make it the very best. In more metaphorical terms, why go pick new lemons if you already have some at home? Turn your own lemons into lemonade bringing a fruitful end to your nice, solid, ready-to-execute plan!

Get organised at work so you can put your energy toward your career goals most effectively. Take charge when it comes to your health by cleaning up your diet, sticking to your exercise routine, and tending to your mental health. It’s also a great time to get your living space in order.  For a Virgo, when their home is clean and orderly, it’s almost a guarantee that there’ll be more room to be more efficient in other areas of life — and a clean house can do wonders for the mental and emotional health of Virgos.

During this New Moon in Virgo, it’s time to cut out all the distractions and forget about what everyone else is doing. Focus on your goals, your dreams, your concerns. Allow all your attention to be on you and you only.

At The Sound Temple, we are looking forward to celebrating this New Moon in Virgo.  Join us in our garden of love, plant your seeds, pick the fruit and enjoy the benefits of all your hard work down the track.

And to keep all the conscientious, health-conscious Virgos happy, we thought we would give you the recipe so you can actually turn your own lemons into lemonade.  Enjoy!


  1. Cut lemons in half. Juice each lemon through a strainer into a large measuring cup. Keep juicing until you have 2 cups of lemon juice.
  2. Pour water into a medium-size saucepan over medium-high heat. Stir in 2 cups sugar (or 2 cups honey). Continue cooking over heat until dissolved and liquid looks clear again.
  3. Combine sugar solution with lemon juice. This is a lemonade concentrate. When ready to serve, add water to taste.