Wedding Bells, Feathers, Crystals and a Peacock in a Fruit Tree

Married in an orchard with a pair of peacocks, a sound temple, in the bush, planted a fruit tree during the ceremony, family photos in a room with a mandala on the wall, bright purple flowers, peacock feathers and crystal grids………………………….WHAT?

This gorgeous young couple who were planning an intimate sacred wedding were told about The Sound Temple by the grooms mum, their family surname was Peacock. They heard how it was nestled away in the bush, was a really sacred place and had a couple of peacocks.  So they investigated how to have a wedding there.  And so it was.

On January 26th 2018 exactly 10 years on from the day they met, Stephen and Bonnie married in a circle surrounded by fruit trees that were abundant with apples, nashi fruit, peaches and pears.  Intimate gathering with 10 people to share the day with, the bride arrived in a peacock blue Ford Fairlane which set the mood as cool and calm.  Bonnie looked stunning in her off white dress arm in arm with her Dad as he ushered her down the long path to the orchard.

The groom, guests and wedding celebrant Anne Marie stood reverently in a circle ready to receive the bride and her father.  On the mulch below laid out were peacock feathers and adorned with a large piece of rose quartz and around the gathering were boundless crystals holding a grid of amazing intentions for this couples marriage.  The grooms mum had been up since daylight to prepare the space ready for this sacred rite of passage that we call a marriage.

The peacocks came to The Sound Temple on Australia Day 4 years ago and one of their names is Aussie, not sure how Sampson got his name.  We spent the week mulching and preparing the orchard for the first wedding here on this land in the time that we know it.  I do know however that the lady who used to live here had her granddaughters placenta planted under the apple tree, so it’s always been a place of ceremony.  As part of the marriage ceremony, Bonnie and Stephen planted an Aussie lime tree complete with peacock ore and their vows, a very meaningful way to plant seeds of intentions.

The family and friends made their way back to the deck to formally sign as husband and wife, a toast was made and the guests settled in for some refreshments and lovely food.  Divine timing meant that some photos could be taken in The Mandala Room which was completed this week.  It was lovely to sit back and watch the gentle socialising and excitement in the air as the reality that the formalities had been completed.


Heading off for an afternoon rest before a reception later that day, they gathered crystals and feathers and gifts and everyone’s hearts were filled with love and joy.

Thank you for sharing this special day with us, it meant the world to us.


Written by Dawn  – with love and gratitude to Bonnie, Stephen and their families