New Moon Women’s Circle

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March 17, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
The Sound Temple
30kms east of Perth CBD in the Hills WA (details on booking)
$100 contribution
The Sound Temple
0474 555 444

Cost: $100 contribution

Hydrate and Heal by Feeling Your Own Flow

We are calling all women who……… would like to delve into the current moon cycle and unpack all the unique opportunities March has to offer us.

Journey with Melissa, Helen and Dawn this month as we look at setting some personal intentions, planting seeds for change, renewal and transformation.

This Circle holds the New Moon in Pisces, which invites us into a space of deep reflection to access the subconscious. We look at how we can best use our sensitivity to heal ourselves and others. We ask how our wounds have served us and how can we move forward in sensitivity, compassion and assertiveness to achieve all we want to.

The Astrological element this month is Water – calling on reflective wisdom, psychic sensitivity and compassion. The symbol is the Fish – embodying our desire to feel the movement of our own flow, hydrate our sense of self, revitalise our dreams and clear the water of anything that holds us back.

As we explore the reflective nature of Pisces, we ask ourselves the following questions:
Where in our lives are we going with the flow?
Where are we swimming against the current?
When do we feel like a fish out of water?
Are we swimming in our OWN ponds?
How can we make the waters clearer?
Are there areas in our life that we show up as the martyr?
Is our communication clear, honest and fair?
How have our wounds served us?

During this event:

You will learn the art of holding a clear vision of intent and how to harness this with clarity to channel your visionary ideas in the world.

There will be an opportunity to connect to your heart space through a variety of creative processes, meditations and personal reflections.

  • A Connective Circle
  • Beautiful Welcoming Space
  • An endless amount of organic teas and cooling drinks
  • Nourishing Light Supper
  • All tools to create a beautiful healing gift to take home
Join us on this journey into self. You are so welcome here.
Leave with a powerful sense of purpose for the month ahead.

This event is brought together by Melissa, Helen and Dawn, the Women at the Well with the following intent……….

“Collaboration of women gathering together forming community, ever evolving, this is our calling”


Start: 7:00pm Saturday 17th March 2018
Ends: 10:00pm


Warming cups of organic tea and nourishing light supper

What to Bring

A beautiful notebook to record your reflections in.

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