Create a Sacred Ceremony to Self with this Exquisite Chocolate AlchemyGifts of Gratitude


Guilt free chocolates delivered straight to your door. Each one is filled with a mindfully selected range of healing spices, probiotics, superfoods and potent tonic herbs, blended with premium fair-trade Peruvian cacao. Quite simply, nectar from the Gods! This hand-crafted selection of bliss- filled chocolates is a unique experience to absolutely savour, a deep dive into an extraordinary otherworldly experience with every bite.

Founded in 2013, Loco Love is part of an emerging health-consciousness community that is turning its gaze to a New Food Order. Creating more than just food, the team at Loco Love create a guiltless indulgence chocolate experience, with the highest quality organic, plant-based and whole food ingredients. Chocolate with benefits.

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