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A Dynamic New Impulse for Change

We are living in a time when our retail choices have become a moral act, where our consumer behaviours have become a rich commodity and where our purchasing decisions have a far reaching global impact. Quite literally, where and how we spend our money has become directly linked to the expression of our integrity. Wait…What? Really? YES

Hyper consumerism, fast fashion, planned product obsolescence, large scale environmental degradation, landfill, sweatshop labour– these things both effect and are effected by our daily lifestyle choices. The real cost of that cheap white t-shirt you brought last week at your local retail franchise? It cost considerably more than we could imagine.

Come and Be Part of the Change

We get lost if we stay stuck in confusing and mucky feelings of guilt, blame, shame and powerlessness. Let’s not stay stuck in that cycle of disempowerment any longer. Step by step, hand in hand, through collaboration and community lets journey together, to mutually inspire, to create personal changes in our life style choices that will have far- reaching impacts.

Integrating sustainability, creativity, and traditional hand -crafted wisdom of the ages, you’ll be left feeling deeply inspired to become part of a brand new impulse of change. Come and join some of the movers and shakers – many of the people from our local communities -who are on the cutting edge of sustainability and change. Individuals who are paving a new way forward that is creatively brilliant, accessible, sustainable and hands on inspiring. Come and see what they’re doing and how you can become part of this new way forward. Because we all carry a thread that collaboratively weaves the health and wellbeing of our collective future on this planet. Each and every one of us.

Join us each year at The Sound Temple for our Annual Event as we weave something truly remarkable together!


SOCIAL activist Jane Milburn would like ‘dedicated followers of fashion’ to break free from their shackles and become leaders of the slow clothing movement.... more...

May 30th, 2018, 10:00AM | Written by Lynn Grierson | Hills Gazette

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2 months ago
The Sound Temple

Shop ‘Til You Drop @ The Sound Temple
Beautiful Gifts. Upcycled Items. Lovingly Sourced. Christmas Sorted in One Spot. Supporting Women in Small Business.
TONIGHT! Thurs 20th December ~ 4pm to ... See more

Shop ‘Til You Drop @ The Sound Temple
Beautiful Gifts. Lovingly Sourced. Christmas Sorted in One Spot.
FREE EVENT – Book Your Place
TONIGHT! Thurs 20th December ~ 4pm to 7pm

The doors are open, ... See more

2 months ago
Grow your own clothes

Designer Suzanne Lee.....grow your own clothes......

Designer Suzanne Lee shares her experiments in growing a kombucha-based material that can be used like fabric or vegetable leather to make clothing. The process is fascinating, the results are ... See more

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Sustainable Fabric Guide, Bamboo vs. Lyocell vs. Organic Cotton

Some Interesting reading....

Not all eco fabrics are created equal! Here is our Sustainable Fabric Guide, Bamboo vs. Lyocell vs. Organic Cotton.

2 months ago

Magical Mondays...

2 months ago

Soulful Sundays...

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The Sustainable Fashion Handbook ⋆ The Sound Temple

Larger than life, this is an awesome large scale book and is a popular choice for all those interested in sustainable fashion. Perfect for students who are going down the fashion pathway and ... See more

This sourcebook on all aspects of sustainable fashion encompasses not only the environmental issues presented by a wasteful and fast-moving fashion cycle but also the social impact of the global ... See more

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Home Made Gifts Vintage Style ⋆ The Sound Temple

Perfect time to gather up some great resources so you can hand make some gorgeous gifts for those special people around you for Christmas. This book is great if you are wanting to re-use the items ... See more

Shops and markets selling vintage furniture and trinkets are an absolute treasure trove. Homemade Gifts Vintage Style takes this one step further by inspiring you to make or customize your own ... See more

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Magazine that started in a laundry is making people rethink their footprint

Sustainable Magazine...............

While many magazines struggle to stay afloat, one publication focusing on sustainable living is going from strength to strength and celebrating 10 years in print.

5 months ago
The Sound Temple

Magic Mondays.......

Magic Mondays..........

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