Gifts of Gratitude

Welcome to our vibrant new retail spaceGifts of Gratitude

Local Artisans

When we began our Common Threads Woven Through Community annual exhibition, we became passionate about supporting local, talented artisans who create wonderful work from denim, leather, cloth, wood and other recycled materials. We stock practical gifts, designed to last forever, such as leather wallets, notebooks, travel clutches, aprons and more.  These exquisite products are environmentally friendly and help to sustain families so traditional craft and culture can continue.

Another local artisan chose to walk away from the stresses of the corporate world to stay at home with her young family and use skills she learned from her mother on the farm to make gifts from recycled denim.  We love to think that by offering these products, we can support young mothers to stay at home.

Our aim is to continue to invite local artists to showcase their work in our beautiful Gifts of Gratitude Shop.