Gifts of Gratitude

Welcome to our vibrant new retail spaceGifts of Gratitude 
We are local, family-owned and love being able to bring you beautiful, inspirational and soulful gifts which are mostly ethically and sustainably sourced. If you are looking for a gift with a difference, that captures a unique and individual expression from the heart, we’re sure we will have something special for you.

Our Gifts of Gratitude Shop opened its doors quietly, without fanfare, when we realised we had a growing list of books, oracle cards, journals and diaries which had been recommended to us by our beautiful clients which needed a place to live and breathe.

We listened to what you loved and the difference it had made to your life and thought we’d like to have some of these ‘tried and true’ products to share with everyone who visited our Shop.

That’s how we started and to this day we still love to hear about your favourites.

Have a browse – there’s lots on our shelves ready and waiting to make a difference in YOUR life!

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