Come and be part of the change!

Join our mailing list for our exhibition that runs annually in May, Common Threads Woven Through Community. Integrating sustainability, creativity, and traditional hand-crafted wisdom of the ages, you’ll be left feeling deeply inspired to become part of our continuing impulse of considerable change.

We get lost if we stay stuck in confusing and mucky feelings of guilt, blame, shame and powerlessness. Let’s not stay stuck in that cycle of disempowerment any longer. Step by step, hand in hand, through collaboration and community lets journey together, to mutually inspire, to create personal changes in our life style choices that will have far-reaching impacts.

Come and join some of the movers and shakers – many of the people from our local communities -who are on the cutting edge of sustainability and change. Individuals who are paving a new way forward that is creatively brilliant, accessible, sustainable and hands on inspiring. Come and see what they’re doing and how you can become part of this new way forward. Because we all carry a thread that collaboratively weaves the health and wellbeing of our collective future on this planet. Each and every one of us.

New facilitators and artists are welcome to contact us about new and exciting impulses that they would like to share. Expressions of interest are welcome at any time of the year through our contacts page and we will happily keep you in mind for the next up and coming annual exhibition.

Join us at The Sound Temple as we weave something truly remarkable together.