Sharon D Clifford


Sharon D Clifford is a West Australian artist and a dedicated student of colour.

Whether working with wet on wet watercolour technique or layering acrylics or pastels, Sharon is  inspired by the endless interactions between colours. She explores the variations a slight change can bring to the mood that is arising, seeking for the balance that allows the colours to sing together in harmony.

A viewer brings their own stories to a piece of artwork and Sharon likes to leave the conversation open between her creations and you, the viewer. She encourages you to connect in your own unique, individual way. Sharon has created since she was a child, always playing, enquiring and transforming materials of some kind or another. She trained in textiles and delighted in the many techniques that brought colours into conversation. She taught handcraft and painting for many years.

Currently Sharon creates artworks with acrylics, pastels, watercolours and pencil from her studio in the southern suburbs of Perth. And she paints interiors in a technique called !Lazure painting, where colours are sensitively layered onto walls in such a way that they seem to breathe with life.

For more information go to or follow her on facebook, Sharon D Clifford.

Perth Hills, Western Australia | The Sound Temple Mob: 0474 555 444 | ABN: 71 568 849 946