Aminah Hughes

Storyteller and Musician

Aminah performed in the Sydney Opera House at the age of sixteen before becoming a dedicated songwriter and performer at festivals around Australia.
As Irish journalist Kate Winter describes: “There was no distance at all between musicians and audience, with Aminah’s warm charisma drawing us all into a fantastical storyland of songs and poetry. This lady can sing. But she also tells wonderfully vivid tales with every lyric, every word. Tales of love and rebellion, campfires and warriors, the earth and the moon, injustice and freedom…I was transfixed, and the energy in the room was truly uplifting. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a gig before which rejuvenated my spirits quite so much. I felt hope. I felt immense pleasure and warmth in the core of me. And I felt an air of romance and possibility that hasn’t been awoken in me in a long time.”
She appeared on eleven albums in Australia and Europe before producing her debut solo album, Blue Wooden Boat.
Aminah has joined the visiting artists portfolio at The Sound Temple to share her incredible gifts of combining live composition with the art of storytelling.
The lost art of Storytelling is a rich and ancient form of communication, weaving myth, magic, history, creativity, wisdom, legend, story and metaphor together to create an experience that will absolutely delight. Join some of Perth’s most engaging storytellers at The Sound Temple for a sumptuous, all senses immersion, into powerful story and traditional sound. Bringing ancient healing tales from around the world, renewing lost legends of Ancient Civilisations, weaving stories of Myth, Magic, Ritual and Metaphor, these exquisite events are like nothing you’ve experienced before.
At The Sound Temple we are committed to the revival of these incredible events, we have the perfect venue and the bush setting in Perth Hills to support the healing and transformations that are formed during the lost art of story.

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