Ljoba Jenče

International Storyteller; Soundscape Artist; Singer

Ljoba Jenče is a Slovenian singer and storyteller with 30 years’ experience in collecting oral tradition among people who are carriers of knowledge and wisdom. She has travelled performing in nearly half of the world … from Tibet to Alexandria in Egypt, from Argentina to Canada and along Europe Ljoba has been singing and telling Slovenian old myths and stories.

The most important event that has made her choose this path was a moment when she recognised that while singing old songs in nature she felt the intense response of the elements and beings danced and enlivened the environment where the song was sang or the story was told.

She realised that stories and songs were not only for human beings but for the whole of creation which responds to the spoken or sung word.

Conscious speaking or formation of voice and its sounding became Ljoba’s main role and she is happy to explore those worlds with you whilst supporting and uncovering the fuller voice, its colours and many possibilities of expressions.

She is deeply inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner and the knowledge of speech formation and eurythmy that he gave to humanity hundreds of years ago. Ljoba is on a research of zodiac beings and connected sounds in our language.

We welcome Ljoba Jenče to Perth Hills as part of the visit to WA by a number of amazing Slovenian performers. During their time in Perth, they will be performing an Australian/Slovenian coproduction called “Somnus”. Here at The Sound Temple, we are committed to offering opportunities for talented artists from around the world.

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