Tarnyia Harvey

Tarnyia Harvey

Chanting Facilitator

Tarnyia Harvey is an Om Chanting Facilitator, Meditation Guide, and Breath Worker who believes in the transformative power of these practices to bring deep peace, balance, and awakening. With over 30 years dedicated to meditation and 6 years immersed in the sacred tradition of Om Chanting, Tarnyia brings a wealth of experience and heartfelt passion to her roles.

Meditation and Om Chanting are Tarnyia’s preferred practices. Her daily spiritual routine includes yoga, meditation, Om chanting, and breathwork – tools that have opened the door to the divine for her. Meditation brings her peace, balance, awareness, and grounding in everyday life.

Through her extensive inner journey, Tarnyia has gained numerous blessings, such as developing inner wisdom, embracing life’s constant changes, letting go of attachments to outcomes, trusting divine guidance, and hearing her inner voice clearly. Her practice makes her more loving and accepting of herself and others, and it nurtures her body and mind with vibrant health.

For Tarnyia, true happiness stems from life’s simplicity, the love of her wonderful family, and her daily connection to divine guidance and the energetic fields of consciousness. Her advice to earnest seekers is to look within for happiness rather than seeking it externally.

With a compassionate heart and a commitment to serving others, Tarnyia assists individuals in discovering the transformative potential of vibrational practices that have illuminated her to life’s deepest truths.

We are very honoured here at The Sound Temple to have Tarnyia as part of our Facilitator Team here in the Perth Hills.

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