Belly Dancing


The Sensual Art of Energy and Spirit
Author: Pina Coluccia, Anette Paffrath, Jean Putz

A comprehensive guide to the art of belly dancing

  • Covers the origins, mythology, and history of the Middle Eastern dance, including its physical and mental health benefits
  • Contains practical instructions with easy-to-follow photographs
  • Includes recipes for perfumes, cosmetic creams, and food from the Middle East

Belly dance is pure sensuousness and has enchanted humans since ancient times. Yet beyond its erotic aspects, belly dancing offers many physical and emotional benefits. On the physical level it helps with muscle stiffness, autonomic nervous system disturbances, mobility of the abdominal region, and strengthening the back, which in turn enhances the body’s overall posture.

Belly dancing also relieves menstrual problems and has been shown to be extremely useful during pregnancy and childbirth. On the emotional side belly dancing increases the libido and has enabled women to overcome self-esteem issues and regain healthy feelings of sensuality and sexuality.Belly Dancing covers all aspects of this ancient art, beginning with its origins and mythical connections to the moon goddess.

The authors provide practical instructions and easy-to-follow photographs for the most important dance movements as well as guidance in costuming and related accoutrements.

Additional information on foot reflexology and Indian chakras aid the further understanding of the art.

The book also contains recipes for Middle Eastern perfumes, cosmetic creams, and food as well as suggestions for musical accompaniment.

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